Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...and More Pumpkins!

Here is a glimpse of Savannahs pre-school trip to the pumpkin patch. The children all had to have a parent there and some had two so there were quite a few people there. They got to go on a hayride, take a tour and see how the apples are harvested, cleaned and sorted and of course they got to pick a pumpkin!
My little Monster posing on the pumpkins

Savannah consoling Jett on the hayride

Watching the apples on the conveyer belt

Savannah and her buddy Tinlee posing with their pumpkins

Ejoying somes sweets from the store!


These are some pictures of Skylers 1st grade trip to the pumpkin patch. There were 3 classes there so not too many kids to keep track of. Sadly, I was the only parent from Skylers class to show up. I know many parents have to work and I feel very blessed to be able to stay home with the kids and participate in school activities. I'm hoping it will get easier as I have at least one more in school full time so I'm not dragging along too many "extras" to events :)

Skylers class on the hayride

Skyler and a classmate (she just wanted to be in the picture)

Pumpkin patch lady explaining how pumpkins grow

Skyler hauling the class loot back to the front

Class picture

Jett getting a ride!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Daddy's Home!

... Okay so Daddy got home Oct. 4... I'm still (always) behind on things! We got to watch his plane come in with all the other families and greeted him with a sign and a painted car. He liked it :)

Then we went to Red Robin (the same place we went the day he left) and were treated to a free meal by the manager. That was such a thoughful gesture by him. His dad had been in the service too and he said he just wanted us to have a nice reunion. Again, very thoughtful.

Pictures at home....Yes, daddy had a new addition to his face, but that didn't last long...

And as they say.. "all good things must come to an end." It just happened to be Dylans "back"end that went through the wall. Boys will be boys!

I'll slowly get everyone up to date. I've got lots of pictures to share and just don't like being at the computer long enough to do it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Crazy Life.....

So sorry... it's been almost 3 months since I posted. I'm so far behind I just keep putting it off because there's so much to catch up on! I guess I'll start with our trip to Disney World the end of August. That was skipping a bit of time, but I can't remember what happened in between!

My mom and dad took Dylan and Skyler a week ahead to show them some sites and spend time swimming at the resort. Skyler was a pro by the time Jerr, Vannah and I got down there. It was Savannah's first plane ride and she did great! She fell asleep part way through the flight each time so her ears didn't bother her. We went to Magic Kingdom twice, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Sea World. I'll try to minimize the pictures... I think I took 300. Needless to say Jerr and I were ready for a vacation FROM our vacation!

We're on our way to Disney World!

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!


Animal Kingdom (it was very bright that day!)

Sea World

The gang getting ready to take off in a hot air balloon!

Ariel is Savannahs favorite!

....and Cinderella!

We took Vannah to Cocoa Beach on the last day. Jerrs message got washed away about 5 seconds later...

The boys started school the day after we got back on August 13. Skyler is now a 1st grader and Dylan a 5th grader. They are growing so fast!

Before Jerr deployed we celebrated Dylan's 11th birthday at Dave & Buster's (a grown up Chuck E. Cheese). It's hard to say who played more games... the kids or adults! Everybody walked away with prizes so that's the fun part! Dylan loves video games and would rather play them than eat or sleep... well, sleep anyway. I suprised him with a PSP cake. He liked it and it tasted great!

Dylans cousins he hadn't seen in 18 months. They had grown! The girl on the left is 14 months older than Dylan and she's now 2 1/2 inches taller than me!

We got a dog on the 5th. My SIL aquired a dog that someone dumped so she got him all "fixed" up and brought him to us. He is such a sweet dog. I know he's good when Jett can hang on him and tackle him and the dog doesn't mind. He also loves to get up on the trampoline with the kids!
Boomer the Austrailian Shepard resting on the kids picnic table

Savannah started pre-school on Sept. 11. She goes MWF in the mornings. I wish it were longer, but it's a start! I feel so free with just 1 kid part of the time.

The fire truck came to visit

They got to take their bikes to school to ride

While they were riding this beauty flew over and Jett yells "DADDY!" (I wish)

Skyler and Dylan are playing soccer. I'm coaching Skylers team again. It's a little different than this summer, but we're getting the hang of it. We had our first game last week and we won... (they don't really keep score, but we won). Dylan had two games and was worn out! He's not used to running that much (remember the video games?) We're supposed to have team pictures and games tomorrow if the rain goes away. I feel bad I don't have pics of soccer, but that's hard when I'm coaching and Dylan plays at the same time. Maybe I can get someone else to take them for me.

We went to family day at the base. Would have been much more fun if our whole family was there. The highlight of the day was the boys getting to see Star Wars characters!

Skyler is in Cub Scouts and Dylan is a Boy Scout now! They are having a great time already and I expect to see a lot of changes in them this year.

The cake I made today for my neighbor

Waiting for pics at Wal-Mart... he's too cute!

As of today Jerr has 9 days till he gets back. I'm sure ready.. the kids are getting tired of me! Hope this wasn't too many pictures. I tried to consolidate! Thanks for checking in on us!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This takes the cake!

This is my latest creation for my neighbor girl's 6th birthday. It was too pretty to cut... and would you believe they made ME cut it, ugh! I did get a call last night from a local small business (a build-a-bear sort of place) that would like to use me for their birthday parties. I'm meeting with the owner today so I hope all goes well!

This was all that was left...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's too hot!...

... so I'm inside today and decided I should probably update the blog. I try to peek in and check on all my blogger friends and they're all so good about keeping things up to date. I know summer keeps some way busier than they'd like to be (that's me!) and I seldom have time to sit at the computer. Hope you enjoy the pics. They go back a ways and I know I don't have all the events in here, but I didn't want to overwhelm you! Browse through as you like and let me know what you think!

I love me some chocit i keem!

The kids at Great Wolf Lodge... (I didn't take pictures in the water park because I was too afraid to get my camera wet!)

I love frogs!

I don't!

Skyler's birthday treats for school (yes, they're the same as last year... what can I say, the kid loves frogs!)

Skyler and Savannah at sky's kindergarten Fun Day

Just wanted to show how much they've grown....
First day of school

Last day!

My cute little guys! Skyler 6 and Jett 2. It's kind of fun having two bdays on the same day, but I'm sure that fun will wear off in future years :)

Skyler's alien cake

Jett's lala cake (that's Elmo if you couldn't tell!)

The boys got an awesome airplane teeter totter that is now the neighborhood hang out!

This is a cake I made for our neighbor the weekend after the boys bday... I just wanted to show off my mad skills ;)

We got the kids bunnies for Easter and this is Caramel (the other, not pictured, is Chief and he's a black Lionhead... picture to come)

My little girl looks so big here... I have to constantly remind myself sh'e only 3 1/2!

Skyler up to bat and Savannah on deck

Skyler whackin' the ball

T-ball team photo

Savanah had just crammed a cookie in her mouth, hence the no smile

I'm coaching the kids soccer team (with Jerr's help when he can be there). Savannah doesn't like to play (or practice), but I wanted to get her introduced to the sport. Skyler does pretty good... he's just afraid to get too aggressive. We'll have team photos in a couple weeks.

Thanks for taking the time to look through all of these!
Upcoming events...
Jerr goes to Armania in a few weeks and then we're off to Disney World before school starts. Savannah is going this time so I'm sure I'll have a crazy amount of photos. It was fun taking the boys last year, but I'm so looking forward to taking my "little princess" this time! Jerr leaves for the desert for 30some days then life can maybe get back to normal (whatever that is) after that!